What Is The Best Way To Send Large Video Files On WhatsApp? how to transfer large files on whatsapp


How to Use WhatsApp to Send Huge Video Files

How to Send Large files and videos on WhatsApp- sometimes everyone wants send a big/large file or video on WhatsApp, but due to limits he could not send. But there are few real ways you can send files and videos more than 1GB on WhatsApp.

Nowadays nearly everyone uses WhatsApp to communicate with friends and share files. WhatsApp is an excellent platform for sharing all types of information, including pictures, music, and movies. However, WhatsApp, like virtually any other messaging or email service, has file size limitations for uploading.

You may look at the file-sharing regulations on WhatsApp. We’re looking for a way to transmit huge video files that are considerably larger than the maximum size permitted today.

WhatsApp has a file-sharing restriction of 64MB, so any file larger than that won’t be shared on the app. However, there are times when big files must be transferred quickly, and in this situation, certain methods may help you send these large video files on Whatsapp. We can share any size of file straight through Whatsapp using cloud services like Google Drive.

When it comes to sending big files through WhatsApp, it may be a pain. You should also be aware that WhatsApp has a 16MB file size restriction for movies, music, and pictures. The files we transmit in reality, on the other hand, are often far bigger than 16MB. Is it possible to transfer big files via WhatsApp?

100 megabytes (MB) is the maximum document size that may be uploaded. This restriction is fine for short videos (less than 2-4 minutes) that aren’t shot in good quality. Remember that any file you want to send through WhatsApp must first be stored on your phone. The file will be stored in the WhatsApp Documents folder after the receiver begins downloading it (you can find it using a file explorer app on your device).

Send large files and videos by RAR format

Sending bigger files and videos by RAR format is brilliant idea. What you have to do? Just install RAR app from Google Playstore and compress large file or video into RAR Parts, now you can share all the rar parts of that file through Whatsapp. And when receiver Downlaods all the parts and extracts any single rar part of the file automatically all the parts will be Merged into One big MBs sized movie.

(For practical watch the videos above)

Google Drive is a great way to send large videos.

Google Drive is an excellent choice for sharing large videos in WhatsApp. Google Drive may already be installed on your phone, particularly if it’s an Android phone. The majority of individuals use Google Drive to back up all of their data on their phones on a regular basis. You can, however, simply share files and movies that are already on your Google Drive.

Simply start a WhatsApp conversation and provide a link to your Google Drive file. This link will take you to a page where you may view the video and download the file. Don’t forget to offer your contacts access to the file as well.

Dropbox could be used to send large videos.

Dropbox is another alternative for sharing big video files. On begin, you must first create a Dropbox account and download the Dropbox app to your phone. This technique is almost identical to utilizing Google Drive: all you have to do is generate a download link for your work and share it with others.

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There are other options if you don’t want to utilize any of the aforementioned ways for transferring video files, since sending and receiving big files may use a lot of data for both parties involved in sending and receiving the files, Then you may utilize some of the finest video compression applications and tools. You may compress and decrease the size of any video file using these. You may also submit a PDF file that has been compressed.

Following that, you’ll be able to download a compressed version of video files that are lower in size and easier to distribute through WhatsApp. Keep in mind that compressing a video file reduces its quality, so if you want to keep the movie’s original quality, adhere to the techniques listed above.