vmos pro root 1.4.4 latest apk with custom ROM Rooted, GApps and Xposed installer


Download Vmos pro root 1.4.4 latest apk with custom ROM

Download VMos pro root 1.4.4 latest apk – VMos pro 1.4.4 version has New Features and custom ROM with Root, Apps and Xposed installer. 

The Technology VMOS PRO apk is for Everyone, and it can be downloaded and installed on any Android Smartphones and Laptops that supports android apps.

Simultaneous running of two systems on a smartphone is possible with Virtual Android.

The virtual phone system, VMOS PRO-Virtual Android, is totally separate from the real mobile phone system. Virtual Android assures that no dangerous files or programmes may harm your actual phone system, and VMOS Pro ensures that no apps in the virtual android can access your personal information. Install all of the hidden and potentially dangerous files and apps into VMOS Pro.

VMOS Pro, the finest Virtual Android, protects your personal information and keeps your system safe!

[Portable Open Android Virtual Mobile]

VMOS Pro enables you to install the virtual system on most of your Android smartphones, allowing you to run apps or games that would otherwise be unable to run due to the high Android version.

[The Floating Window may be used to run any app]

You may use VMOS Pro to execute windowed activities on any game or app, ensuring that your life and leisure never come to a halt.

[Privacy Protection Option for Everyone]

The virtual system’s apps have no access to the real phone system’s sensitive information. In the virtual system, malicious software has been installed, and it is unable to acquire your location, device information, or cell phone number.

Feature Of VMOS Pro 1.4.4  Apk:

On your phone, use two operating systems: a virtualized system and the genuine operating system.

Install any app, regardless or not your phone meets all of the app’s criteria.

The tool is provided all over the world; there’s no need to be concerned; simply install and use with smartphones in one.

  • You may create a clone of your social network accounts, which will make switching between them much easier.
  • In picture mode, it has a picture.
  • There’s also a floating window option.
  • Everything is limitless
  • There are no ads.
  • All Premium Features Have Been Unlocked
  • Dual-screen resolution may be customized.
  • If you switch between the virtual and actual OS, the program you were using will continue to execute.
  • With only one click, you may switch between operating systems.

Custom ROM features:

  • Built in Root access
  • Built in google services
  • Preinstalled Xposed installer
  • Android Version 7.1
  • 32bit support
password: iTechEdu

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Device Requirements for  VMOS Pro

Because VMOS Pro is a virtual machine application, so needs a high processor to execute. That app is not advised for Android devices that are more than a 5 year old.

Your smartphone should have a minimum of 32Gb storage, according to the two most often suggested Android smartphone requirements.

In addition, your smartphone must have at least 3GB of RAM.

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VMOS Pro is a fantastic app that can be found on the Google Play Store. This is the world's first virtual Android operating system app for your smartphone. This program allows you to run two Android virtual mobiles on a single phone, giving you the impression of having two phones. By pressing a single button, you may effortlessly switch between your original and virtual android. This software is ideal for gamers because if they are playing a game on the virtual machine and switch to the original phone, the game will remain to run continuously and your progress would not be lost.