Vmos pro 2.0.1 Mod Apk With GamerTag 64-bit ROM (Unlocked)

Vmos pro 2.0.1 Mod Apk With GamerTag 64-bit ROM (Unlocked)

Download Vmos Pro 2.0.1 Mod apk (vip unlocked ) with SuperGoku GamerTag ROM

Vmos pro 2.0.1 Mod Apk With GamerTag 64-bit ROM (VIP Unlocked)- Download vmos pro vip unlocked apk with new Custom ROM. Vmos pro Gamertag ROM has Root access, Google Play Store, Game-Guardian, RootCloak and so much new features.

VMOS pro is a virtual machine that can be turned into a rooted Phone with a single click. Via Virtual machine technology, VMOS pro could be installed as either a common app on Android device. It works as both an emulator and even a one-click app-cloner. Furthermore, the host system has no influence upon VMOS Pro.

Features of the VMOS app:

Perhaps you’d like to install a different Android version onto your mobile? Will you have to install two similar apps on your phone? Is your mobile up to the task of installing all of the apps? VMOS Pro can assist you in resolving these issues.

VMOS pro is a worldwide program that allows you to construct a virtual Android in Android, a totally self-controlled system that experts adore.

Users could have several profiles on social media sites on the Web, allowing you to combine your personal and professional lives inside one phone.

Floating window, VMOS pro is provided with an PIP Mode.

The floated popup window over most apps, allowing for unfettered dragging and dropping as well as scaling. Floating movie like Facebook, and so on. (YouTube backdrop) Virtual Machine For certain games, you might just have a VMOS operating in the process.

Odd Customizable screen is also another standout feature.

Users can customise the length, breadth, and DPI to their liking. Permissions you set before will be saved as well.

What’s New: (Vmos pro 2.0.1  beta)

update content:

  1. File transfer station optimization;
  2. Optimize virtual machine startup;
  3. Fix the blank issue of Android 12
  4. Fix the problem of missing levitating balls;
  5. Fix dozens of known crash issues;
  6. Optimize the community.

GamerTag ROM Features:

  • Root Access
  • Google Services
  • Xposed Installer
  • Google PlayStore
  • GameGuardian buildin
  • RootCloak (Root hider)
  • 64-bit Apps Supported
  • No Password

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Read More:

VMOS PRO provides everybody with beneficial as well as efficient capability of hosting 2 autonomous panels side - by - side on a single device. It also includes significant support for a variety of programmes, applications, and games, allowing users to get the most out of their time when multitasking. Of course, it includes simple and easy interaction to ensure that everyone has the greatest possible user experience, especially when running many apps at the same time.The application's user-friendly interface allows users to easily start or prepare the essential processes and programmes for simultaneous operation. 

User interaction is also smooth and pleasant, making it simple to switch between windows without being distracted. The app's key feature is that it enables the consumer to choose 2 autonomous apps and run both in simultaneous in variety of settings. It might position them ahead based on the importance of the panels, such as games atop apps and conversely for ease of engagement.

Every panel leads to significant and also in customizations, in addition to allowing users to access 2 options separately. They primarily assist in considerably changing the interface or presentation that match the usage experience with a variety individuals based on the applications they are using.

Ability to customize each and every parallel android os, including prioritising other critical systems or applications. Users could also modify every window immediately with a little circle there at display's edge, indicating full control.

Because it allows many app accounts to be used at the same time. VMOS PRO could set up a dedicated virtualized Mobile experience from the smartphone's original setting. This functionality allows us to have two operating systems running at the same time. As a result, anything you do will have no effect just on major operating system.

Alternatively, VMOS PRO would duplicate files from the primary Smartphone towards the virtual Android, letting you to use as a dumbphone that functions identically to such actual. Which makes it simple for using virtualized Android, allowing users to experiment and control activities with ease.

This virtual machines system can even be displayed as just a Pop - up window in VMOS PRO. That's as simple as moving through one screen to another to transition between both the regular & virtualized operating systems.