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VMOS (Virtual Master) is an Android application programme based on the Virtual Machine (VM) technology. The open source Android system (supporting any version) may be executed as a regular programme installation on any version of Linux or Android system using VM technology.

That is, an entire Android system is run through an application, and the host system has no influence (Android system on the mobile phone). OS in OS is similar to VMWare on a PC. It is possible to alter the operating system version and function. The customised operating system possesses root rights, but these privileges are unrelated to the host system’s security vulnerabilities.

VMOS allows corporations to design secure system-level services, as well as providing customizable ROM needs for hobbyist customers. It also allows developers to emulate any operating system for testing.

What’s New in Vmos Pro:

1. Add one-key login to the content;

2. Increase the number of feedback channels;

3. Adjust the virtual machine page;

4. Improve the ROM upgrade;

5. Fixed the issue where certain models were unable to update their ROM to decompress;

6. Make the user experience better.

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The original VMOS (Virtual Master) team released a subversive upgrade. We will no longer limit users and will instead give them the ability to modify the ROM. To enhance the user's inventiveness, we will design a ROM platform and encourage users to swap ROMs on the fly. Pre-installed Google Mobile Services, support all applications floating window, can operate two applications on the same screen, support custom resolution modification; established root conditions, could run Xposed as well as other configurations without root; also before the Google Phone Services, support those apps floating window, could start operating two applications on it.

Virtual Android allows you to run two systems on your phone at the same time. Everyone can benefit from the ability to run two distinct windows side by side on a single screen thanks to VMOS PRO. It also includes broad support for a variety of programmes, apps, and games, allowing users to get the most out of their time while multitasking. Naturally, it includes simple and easy interaction to ensure that everyone has the greatest possible user experience, especially while running many apps at the same time.

The application's user-friendly interface allows users to easily start or prepare the essential processes and programmes for simultaneous operation. User interaction is also smooth and pleasant, making it simple to switch between windows without being distracted.

The application's key feature is that it allows the user to choose two separate programmes to run in parallel in various settings. They can prioritise windows according on their priority, such as games on apps and vice versa, for ease of interaction.

Users can customise any parallel operation system, including prioritising other critical applications or programmes. People may also modify each window immediately with a little bubble at the screen's edge, indicating complete flexibility.