Vmos pro 1.5.3 apk dual 32bit – 64bit with Android 9 ui ROM | Vmos pro root custom rom


Vmos pro 1.5.3 apk dual 32bit – 64bit with Android 9 ui ROM

Download Vmos Pro 1.5.3 apk 32bit / 64bit android 9 Custom ROM.- here you get vmso pro 1.5.3 latest version apk 2021 with Vmos pro custom rom. this Vmos pro android 9 Custom ROM 32bit-64bit supports. Vmos Pro is best virtual android app. 

VMOS is a virtual machine-based application programme (VM). Root could be activated with a single click on the VMOS system (root with no need for a PC). It’s possible to think of it as a virtual box. Through VM technology, VMOS could be installed as a regular APP on a Linux or Android machine. It’s both an Android emulator and a one-click App cloner in one package. Furthermore, VMOS is independent of the host system and is not driven by it. As a result, it is risk-free to use and may even be used to test malware ( any any android mobile phone).

What’s New:

  • Optimize the market for ROMs.
  • Increase the number of purchase records.
  • The virtual machine’s storage capacity was dropped to 1GB at the start.
  • Adjustment of the ROM market trial rules.
  • Permissions can be adjusted, and application permissions can be changed dynamically.
  • The ability to share your ROM has been added.
  • SIM change region information for virtual machines has been included. 
  • Fix a few known flaws.

Custom ROM Includes:

  • Root access enabled
  • Xposed installer enabled
  • Gaming gyroscope sensor
  • Multiplayer enabled
  • Slider Mode enabled
  • Android  9.0 Pie UI (O.S 7.1.2)
  • 32bit-64bit  supported

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More info:

VMOS is now an Android virtual machine software that allows you to run another Android OS as a guest OS. The user can also choose to run the guest Android as a rooted Android OS using VMOS. The Google Play Store and other Google apps are also available on the guest Android operating system.

The most notable feature of VMOS PRO is the cloning app capability, which allows users to operate two separate windows without exchanging data. If users have more than two social networking accounts, this feature is incredibly useful, as it allows them to move between accounts with only a few clicks. Furthermore, the programme will not reset or stop the remaining windows, allowing them to continue to function for a variety of reasons.

The cloning technique may be used to increase the potential or engagement of any programme or system, including games. The sole downside of cloning is that the system's performance will be doubled. For the user to fully explore the possibilities of cloning, the gadget will have several limits. Despite this, users may safely see all of an application's content without worry of interruption or disabling.