VMOS Pro 1.3.1 APK signed with Magisk manager, Xposed and google play store.


VMOS Pro 1.3.1 APK premium signed Version free for Android. 

Download VMOS Pro 1.3.1 APK- signed version with Magisk manager, Xposed and google play store. On this virtual root android Vmos Pro 1.3.1 you can install all types of Apps and play games, which requires root permissions. This is like your second Android phone.

This Virtual Machine app acts as a secondary Android device for your mobile. VMOS Pro virtual root for Android. This was the primary virtual machine app ever promoted on the Google Play Store. Download VMOS Pro for Android and experience multiple android operating systems on the same mobile Device.

How VMOS Pro virtual android Works!!

Let’s explain a touch about VMOS Pro. The purpose of a virtual machine app is to run on your device and act as a second Android OS. This extra OS will act as a guest OS on your device. Furthermore, this temporary account still has access to the Google Play Store and other Google apps.

Having a virtual machine app will allow you to access content on games and other apps that might require a second device to function certain features. How cool is that? But, that’s to not say that there isn’t a price to pay by doing all of this.


Since VMOS Pro may be a virtual machine app, it’ll require tons of power on your device so as to run properly. That’s why; we don’t recommend this app for someone using an older/outdated or low performance Android mobile device.

To be more Unique, we’ve listed the specified specs that an Android would request, simple minimum. Now read below to possess a specific image of somewhat mobile device you’ll got to run the application effectively.

  • Minimum of just above 16GB of storage available.
  • Minimum 3GB of RAM available on your Mobile.
  • [protection system] Self-governing digital smartphone system, not controlled by original machine system, can fill-up the requirements of development and testing, without worrying about the threat of viruses and system cracks.
  • [Root access] comes with root access, pre-installed framework and Google cellular sources, to fulfill the several needs of geek Smartphone fans.
  • [Custom ROM] supports different ROMs with various features, system and android models 7.1 also 5.1. versions. 
  • [App Dual-Display] Dual-Display of video games, dual-display of applications, watching Live streams while playing games, chatting while Playing games, smooth Experience than cloud virtual androids, and work to make life easier.
  • [Floating icon] Supports all types of app floating ion, tons of function could run on the same screen.
  • [Easy switching] with floating ball icon, using apps and switching is easier.
  • [Interactive screen and background] Supports to vary the choice, and able run within the background screen.
  • [File transfer] The file transfer location helps common duplicating of real files and digital machine system archives data.

Unluckily, if your Mobile doesn’t match what has been mentioned above, your mobile could be not compatible. Overall, these types of powerful apps come at a price. Which costs an extra powerful Mobile.

Even, you have a Laptop you’ll be able to run an Android Emulator to pretend and Android Mobile. This could run as a additional for your Mobile. Or else, if you have an iPad or tablet, this also could be working as a rapid way out.

Features of VMOS Pro Virtual Android :

  • Also many more options in Vmos pro.

Magisk Custom Rom features:

  • Built-in Root access installed
  • Magisk manager (superuser)
  • Google play store pre-installed
  • Gaming gyroscope sensor
  • Google services pre-installed
zip password: @iTechEdu

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More information about Vmos pro

The VMOS PRO is a incredible Smartphone entertaining virtual android, providing wonderful features and a valuable interface. As compared to other virtual android Apps, VMOS PRO is a complete revolution once it involves Mobile phone technology.

if you would like to experience great performance on your Mobile phone, VMOS PRO is such the ultimate Android app. With an outsized collection of apps, users get the foremost out of their smartphone experience.

The biggest benefit of using Vmos Pro is that it's been designed as a platform that permits developers to make different apps which will be utilized in multiple ways.

Such as the name proposes, the VMOS PRO app is formed specifically for the android OS. This suggests that you simply will get access to an massive collection of apps that run on the android.

Whether you would like to browse the web or share pictures together with your friends, Vmos pro has the exclusive apps for this. Furthermore, there are many apps that assist you manage different social accounts like Facebook, twitter and lots of others.

If you're trying to find an all-in-one contact managing way out, then Vmos Pro will certainly encounter your needs. The android contact manager app delivers features like call logging, contacts sync, email sync and reminder sync.

In point, the app allows you to synchronize your contacts from Chinese version, lines and English version. The Vmos pro app also allows you to put a PIN to lock your mobile.

The best mechanism about Vmos Pro is that it's compatible with most of the favored browsers for example: Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari and lots of others.

In addition, this floating ball Smartphone app lets you to look at your mails in several techniques alike: via floating window, as a tab within the top navigation bar, as a floating ball over other screens and in several apps. In short, the app gives tons of flexibility when it involves working together with your cell phone.

Vmos Pro 1.3.1 Apk Latest Version VMOS Pro premium signed may be a disruptive exchange from the exclusive VMOS (Virtual Master) interface. This time we’ll offer clients with the acceptable to customize ROM, and may not limit clients. we'll construct a ROM system, and inspire clients to differ ROM impulsively, and use their inventiveness to the limit.

Built-in root system, can run Xposed and altered modules without root, pre-installed Google cellular facility, support floating window of all dedications, can task two purposes on the same screen , advantage customized resolution variation.

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