Uninstall System apps on Android without Root 2022 | remove phone master android 2022


How can you  Uninstall System apps on Android without Root 2022

In this article i will explain how you can uninstall bloatware system apps very easy from any android phone, Like: Infinix, Oppo, Realme, Redmi, Xiaomi, Samsung and other brands.

If you’ve just purchased a new Android phone, it’s likely that it came pre-loaded with several applications that you won’t use. OEMs frequently collaborate with other brands and businesses to pre-install apps in consumer phones. Such apps might be something as music players to streaming services. If your phone is restricted to a certain company, your shipping company may have pre-installed some apps on your smartphone that you’d never use.

 Uninstall System apps on Android without Root 2022

These applications take up unnecessary space on your phone and may give you annoying alerts or even push advertisements. Worse, you won’t be able to quickly remove such bloatware apps.

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While many of these third-party bloatware applications may be uninstalled, others have been installed as system apps and could be uninstalled. This would be especially the case of Google’s extensive suite of applications. Sad if you don’t like Google Play Music or Google Hangout. You don’t need to root the android to get rid of system applications. Furthermore, rooting your phone restricts you from accessing some applications such as Google Pay and Internet Banking. Without rooting Android, there are a few options for removing bloatware and system applications.

Uninstall system apps using adb interface:

Adb is a great debugging solution for android phone. Also it includes options for managing app installations (this can help you to uninstall system Apps )

1. You must first install adb Derivers on your personal Computer in order to utilize it.

For setup adb drivers on Windows, watch the procedures above.

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2. Then, go to the phone's settings and activate "Developer Options." After you've enabled USB debugging, just go to Developer Option then scroll down the screen towards "USB debugging."

3. Use a Charging cable and connect mobile phone to the computer. Switch the "charging only" status to "file transfer (MTP)" status when enabled.

4. On Computer, open the "system apps Uninstaller" and run the command prompt from there.  Now activate adb and check that the phone is connected.

7. Look up the name of the app you wish to remove. The name appears only after Package: line. For example, the Google Notes app's package name becomes com.google.android.notes

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Every note of warning: uninstalling system applications has the possibility to destabilize the system, and therefore only uninstall the apps you're certain about. Gmail, Google Play Music, Google Play Movies, and other Google apps are safe to delete, but never remove Google Play Store or any of its contents. If your phone becomes unstable after you delete an app, try reinstalling it from the Google Play Store or performing a factory reset.

Based on the smartphone manufacturer, several phones are equipped with only very few bloatware applications that can be easily uninstalled, whereas others comes with a slew of third-party apps which you can't uninstall or disable. The steps outlined above would help you to remove the bloatware system apps from any Android smartphone without having to root it.