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Guys this is most requested tutorial so today i would tell you how you can install Top 7 Magisk modules. These are the most famous magisk modules till now including: zygisk Root hider, Busybox, GPUTurboBoost and Other.

Magisk allows acquiring root access more easier, as well as editing, extending Android’s capabilities, and adding extra options to your Android without altering or updating the /system partition. We’ve compiled a list of the finest magisk modules for 2022 which you must try!

Magisk is undoubtedly the greatest open-source rooting method available. Magisk is a module-based tool with a Systemless Infrastructure that enables for quick device customization without changing Android’s system partition.

Magisk includes a revolutionary “systemless ui” which could be applied for anything from rooting to customising your smartphone. The greatest feature regarding it is that it enables users to play  with system preferences without modifying system settings. Developers may design and publish ready-to-use modifications in a standardised manner using Magisk’s layer mask method. Inside the Android commercial modifying industry, such upgrades are known as “Magisk Modules.”

Magisk Modules are created by developers to extend the capabilities of your rooted device. It is indeed a systemless strategy that has no impact on the partitioning of the system. Even though your smartphone is powerful and strong enough, these functions are basically whatever its OEM has on it. Most of those Magisk modules are targeted at either tweaking or enhancing the device’s capabilities. You can customise the look and feel of your device, alter the emojis of the GBoard app, and add third-party applications into system apps onto any mobile, among other things.

Top 7 Magisk Modules Download Here:

1. AppSystomizer

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2. BusyBox

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3. GPUTurboBoost

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4. L-speed Signed 

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5. Riru V26.1.4

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6. LS-Posed (Xposed Alter)

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7. Zygisk (Root Hider "Shamiko")

How to Install and Use Magisk Modules on Android:

There's just one method to install Magisk modules whether you're running Magisk v24 or later. You could accomplish it using the app, however you must first download the modules individually. A built-in modules directory is not anymore available in the most recent versions of Magisk.

  1. Save downloaded module in the phone's memory.
  2. Click on Modules option down the bottom of Magisk Manager.
  3. Click Install from storage, next navigate for the module you just downloaded.
  4. Click Open by pressing and holding the module for a long time. 
  5. The module is finally being installed. Once it 's finished, click Reboot.
  6. After your device restarts, go to Modules and make sure the module is enabled active (see switch next to it must remain turned on ).

If  you need VphoneGaga And Magisk manager then watch this Tutorial i have explained everything also you Can DOWNLOAD files from there.