How to Block incoming calls but use internet mobile data


How to Block incoming calls but use internet data

your time is expensive don’t late anyone to disturb you,. block all incoming calls while using internet mobile data. stitch off incoming calls  but use data.

Sometimes you feel to be escaped from everyone you know, likes: your family members, your friends, your relatives, your cousins, your class mates, your business partners and each one. Aloneness could be a lovely Feeling when your soul is in peace. It gets you in-tuned together with your extensive imagination. Also sometimes you need to be focused in your work or project and don’t want to be disturbed by anyone, but you need to use your mobile data to connect your laptop to the internet. In this case if you using data and incoming call interrupt you from your important work!! Then I got a trick for you to be escaped from every incoming call while using internet data on your Mobile or connected with laptop. What you have to do is just to follow the steps.

How to stop incoming calls while using internet Mobile Data     

1. Download this tiny 1MB App from play store.

 2. Open the App and scroll-down.

    3. Find “set preferred network type” and click on it.

4. Now click on the specific network type i.e: LTE/CDMA auto.

5. Make sure the network type you selected is not available in the checklist of your network settings here

6. Here you can see, there is no network type check marked. It means you’re done blocking incoming calls but till you can use internet data on your Mobile.

How to normalize your smartphone to default settings?

Just check mark any “network type” available in network settings. Now your Mobile is in normal condition and you will receive calls again.

You can also watch Video tutorial on the Top Video.Till have any Question? Just comment blow.