NoRoot Firewall BGMI-PUBG ban Fix 2022 | NoRoot Firewall BGMI ban fix | NoRoot firewall for PUBG ban Fix


How to Use NoRoot Firewall app for PUBG/BGMI ban Fix

Lets Know How to use NoRoot Firewall App for PUBG Ban Fix.

Today, we’ll take on this problem with the help of another programme called NoRoot Firewall. This allows you to manage your device’s outgoing network connections. As the name implies, the app can be installed on non-rooted smartphones, which is a significant advantage over other firewall applications available in the Play Store that have been reserved for rooted devices.

The design is simple, utilitarian, and effective. A great no-root firewall that uses a VPN to block or filter traffic according to your preferences. This one is really simple and easy to understand. There are no advertisements, just a nice, straightforward, and practical product.

It helps to keep the advertising to a minimum. Some apps require internet access to function, thus they will not work, but all other apps will. I’d want to be able to establish profiles so that we can disable everything but a few applications and then switch back to a more open profile later.

This programme may be used to whitelist IP addresses . Blocks all types of traffic you don’t need, notably bloatware at the system level. Most individuals can get by with the first level of the “Pending” tab, but those with more advanced networking expertise can achieve even more detailed control by going to the next level.

NO ROOT IS REQUIRED FOR NOROOT FIREWALL. It prevents your personal data from being transferred over the internet. When an app tries to connect to the Internet, the NoRoot firewall alerts you. It’s as simple as pressing the Allow or Deny button.

Filter rules could be created in NoRoot Firewall based on IP address, host name, or domain name. Only certain app connections can be allowed or denied.


– As the name implies, NoRoot Firewall does not require root access.

– Access control with finer granularity depending on IP/host name/domain name.

– The user interface is straightforward. It’s simple to use.

– Permissions are kept to a minimum. There is no address or phone number.

1. NoRoot Firewall Auto BGMI Port Filters:

This Version has inBuilt Auto Ports, no need to import .json file or manual setup. Just Download and use if you’re a BGMI (Battleground Mobile india ) User.

2. NoRoot Firewall ATP:

This version Has No options for manual port settings. You can import port filter file for any PUBG version it matches auto ports. 

Download Now

3. No Root Firewall + .json file:

This is Original Apk from PlayStore therefore you can setup it manually either import .json files.

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Note: .json file is "Expireable" no Confirmed how long it gonna be working if this don't work for you then ask me for Updated .json file.

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