new White body config 2.2.0 Pubg mobile | no grass white body black sky no recoil 90 fps | Problem Fix


PUBG Global & BGMI 2.2 no grass white body black sky no recoil 90 fps

No recoil white body PUBG Mobile 2.2 Config- download pubg white body No grass No recoil Config. white body no recoil BGMI config is supported also. BGMI white Body black Sky Config no grass no recoil is compatible with PUBG Global and PUBG lite aslo.

In Pubg Mobile, the white body has been successfully updated for Pubg 2.2.0.   In Pubg Mobile, each player has their own set of costumes and skins for their pubg mobile identity. Each vehicle has its own shell. If you use pubg config, you will not see any preset clothes or skins over all players or vehicles. Every object in the game will be white due to the Config used in Pubg Mobile. This is referred to as a pubg white body trick.

You could easily shoot enemy at a distance if your AR rifle has no recoil. The statements that since there is no recoil at all are true, and I’ve tried it and it works since my rifle has no recoil. Shooting AKM with a long-range scope is not advised for safety concerns, as it will create an ID due to its strong recoil and inability to fire great distances.


  • White Body v3.0
  • Blacky sky vision
  •  less or No Recoil
  • 98% Less Smoke
  • No grass at all
  • No Fog at all
  • No Rain 
  • TDM + CLASSIC Works
  • Anti ban fixed (nothing external should be used)
  • Bypass Anticheats
  • 90 FPS supports
  • 1 Click auto install

more info:

User’s weapons aren’t repelled by No Recoil Combat Arms’ trick. It’s generally used in conjunction with chams either no dispersion. Except with sniper rifles, it isn’t always visible. Recoil is client-side, but it changes the crosshairs, which is transmitted to the server, who then transmits it to each client. Recoil isn’t visible on the screen since it prevents the crosshair from moving.

Many individuals take use of this when they don’t want to employ apparent, harmful tweaks. Reporting with proof is nearly impossible (to record most recoil wapons without its recoil). The BGMI no recoil trick is described above. Let’s look at some of the other features of the config file now. If BGMI isn’t accessible in your game, this ultimate BGMI config trick features BGMI white body spoof speed and 90 frame rate for BGMI or PUBG mobile Lite.

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