How to force switch 4G LTE – 5G data only on android and faster internet speed


How to force switch 4G LTE – 5G data only on android

How to force switch 4G LTE – 5G data only on android- auto network switching is interruptive, it also slowdowns your internet speed. Now force only 4G LTE or 5G only to use faster internet without interruption.

If you are in an area where 4G or 5G signals are weaker than 3G and your mobile is auto switching between 3G, 4G and 5G data mode. It could be really interrupting while playing Games, Watching videos on social media or Browsing through Google in this condition. Most of Smartphone company handsets still don’t provide option to switch only 4G or Only 5G in network settings. But fewer companies may provide this option. Also it slowdowns the internet speed. To resolve this problem we are presenting you new Method which works on almost all android smartphones. After following this android trick surely you would never face internet Data interruption again.

How to force switch 4G LTE – 5G data only on android

       1. Download this tiny 1MB App from play store.

2. Open the App and scroll-down.

 3. Find “set preferred network type” and click on it.

4. Now click on the specific network type i.e: LTE/CDMA auto.

    5. Don’t worry if network type you selected is not available in the checklist of your network settings.

 6. Here you can see, there is no network type check marked. It means you’re done (your Mobile data is now forced to 4G LTE or 5G only)

How to normalize your smartphone to default settings?

Just check mark any “network type” available in network settings. Now your Mobile is in normal condition.


Sometimes forcing to specific network mode causes incoming calls and outgoing call blocking problem. It means you may not receive your important calls.

 More information:

Few years ago, the android smartphone Mobile industry adapted to the 4G LTE network. For now most of Android smartphone supports 4G LTE. Maximum smartphones till have general network settings where you can switch only the 2G, 2G/3G or 2G/3G/4G network. Though, you’d wish to Choose 4G LTE mode only, this guide is for you. Here are the recognitions to set 4G LTE mode only on your Android smartphones.

Currently, 5G is that the newest group to be involved within the newest android smartphones. On the other hand, because of 5G isn’t accessible in some areas, many users are still unable to use 5G on their android Smartphones. But, most smartphone users use 4G LTE networks for their android phones. So, this guide gonna help all 4G LTE network users to support or fix the 4G LTE network on their Mobile device.

 As you know, most of Android smartphones do not have 4G LTE mode, only within the well-liked network option. This means that you simply cannot use your Android smartphone in 4G mode only with the available preferences. Therefore through this situation, you will only be able to use your android Smartphone in 4G LTE mode. But do you know that there are third-party apps that you can simply use to force 4G LTE mode only on your Android Smartphone.

 In this tutorial, we are going to Learn how to use third-party apps to force switch 4G LTE Only mode. It will help all Android users to force switch 4G LTE or 5G only modes, although they have not installed on their Smartphone yet. There are many apps available on Play Store, but here we are gonna share a Free application that works perfectly on Android smartphones. Now let’s continue with the above tutorial.

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