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When used in video production, the green screen technique allows for the background of a video to be replaced with a digital or virtual setting. It provides a method of incorporating your subject into your film that appears to be the most natural.

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A green screen allows you to blend several visual elements together, as opposed to using picture-in-picture to separate each one into its own frame. If it were done right, you wouldn’t even know there were two different video streams being played at the same time.

The names “green screen,” “blue screen,” “chroma key,” and “chroma key compositing” all relate to the same concept, but are sometimes used interchangeably. It doesn’t matter what you call it, but it’s a post-production method that involves compositing (layering) two different images or video streams together based on the hues of their respective colours (chroma range).

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To explain it in terms that the average person can understand, it is the process of superimposing one image or video stream over another such that it appears to be a single image or stream.

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When filming, the use of a single colour as a backdrop, known as a green screen (or blue screen), makes it much simpler and easier to add additional pictures, such as backdrops, characters, or other things.

Using automatic software tools for colour selection and removal, the pure, uniform green or blue colour may be quickly removed from the generated visual material, and the desired background can be placed in its place. The most common colours for screens are green and blue, but any hue could be successfully utilised in the same way. Because it is not a hue that is worn by most people very frequently, bright green is frequently selected.

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Green screens are often used in weather reporting to superimpose maps on the background behind the meteorologists. This is a common application of green screens. Movies frequently make use of green screens to present artificial environments or to approximate the appearance of genuine locations. Compositing, in conjunction with the usage of green screens, can be utilised to generate realistic background images in motion pictures that take place in faraway or made-up areas. Compositing is the process of putting together many layers of images or video elements to make a finished image, whether it’s a still or a moving one.

You will need to properly distribute soft light throughout your green screen if you want it to be lit. You can accomplish this with LED or flash lighting. However, regardless of which type of lighting you use, you will need some kind of diffuser to soften the light. When you watch the movie, you’ll see that I’m using two soft boxes attached to flashlights to uniformly distribute soft light throughout the background.

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To ensure that the light is distributed uniformly across the entirety of the background, you will need to conduct an exposure test. To do this task with flash lighting, you will need a remote trigger to turn on the flashes and a light metre to measure how much light the flashes put out across the whole green screen.

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You may regulate the brightness of the lights by adjusting the electricity they receive and by moving them to different positions. If this is something you are performing for the first time, it is recommended that you use an even metering of approximately f/8 throughout the entire background. In the example that I provided, the exposure for the background was f/8. To acquire additional knowledge concerning the metering of flash lighting in photography