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Termux Basic Commands Updated list installation 2022

Friends if you’re new user of Termux App or there was error when you tried to install termux scripts, then is article will help you  to install termux basic commands without any error.

What is Termux?

Termux includes an Android version of the Linux Terminal Emulator. The terminal emulator includes a tool which lets you utilise a programming interface for view a scripting language (Command – line interface). Whether you’ve learned programming fundamentals, you’re probably familiar with the shell and command line interface. If you don’t know what shells are, here’s a quick explanation.

full termux tutorial 2022

Termux is a Linux Terminal Emulator, even though you already understand. But is it that well-known, and why should it be sometimes referred to as a hacker Platform? And it is, in certain ways, true, but it can also be incorrect information. Termux isn’t intended used as a stand-alone hacking tool.

Termux basics 2022

It’s a programme who receives commands and executes scripts, as we’ve already described. Numerous penetration testing programs are available within Linux os such as Kali and Parrot Operating system. Almost majority of these are CLI-based so execute from a terminal. Users can however run a variety of many other tools and execute several pentesting script.
Therefore, clearly, users have a full Graphical interface using Smartphones. Those tools will not function without the use of a command – line interface client. Termux could then be used to install these programs onto the Android system. The Android itself is likewise dependent on a Linux kernel that has been tweaked. As a result, you could use Bash scripts. Because of That, termux could instantly connect toward the storage system and accomplish the vast majority among its functions. This enables users can install or run script by using Linux command line.

Termux Function:

Its major purpose of Termux will be to allow users can connect the Linux terminal to any Android smartphone; however, it moreover emulates actual Debian Linux climate, giving users the impression as users seem to be using a Debian Linux terminal.
The Linux shell, which could even be activated through Termux, could be used for a variety of purposes accordance with the requirements as well as abilities of its clients. e.g., development teams would use this as a test script for new apps, whereas security professionals could indeed use this as a channel for resources and accused of hacking capabilities which were indeed extremely portable.

Learn to Use Termux Commands:

Termux like such a terminal that requires users to input a Termux command  in order to use it; if users don’t memorise any Termux command phrase, then probably aren’t going to use it. Both Termux or Linux commands are the similar.
either the Termux command exactly equivalent to a Linux command, particularly inside the Debian group under Linux, like Ubuntu or Linux Mint, since Termux acts as just a terminal emulator which connects towards the Linux shell from the Android device.

List of Basic Termux Commands:

These basic command codes are really important since these are typically used to install, manage scripts, directories, and subdirectories. 

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apt update && apt upgrade
pkg update && pkg upgrade
pkg install php
pkg install nano
pkg install figlet
{Below Commands will be used while install Script}
cd ( your path )
php bot.php

if you face error or failer then you can use bellow commands to Fix it.

Error fix:
pkg remove game-repo
pkg remove science-repo