Download Vmos pro Alternative VM TwoYi virtual Android 8.1 Built

Download TwoYi Virtual Android App with android 8.1 Built-in EdSposed

Download Vmos pro Alternative VM TwoYi virtual Android 8.1 Built – Twoyi is newly launched Vmos pro Alternative Virtual Machine with built-in Android 8.1, EdXposed, Lite 200Mbs and Super Fast.

Twoyi is just a new Android virtual Free app that has built-in Android 8.1 64Bit Oreo Operating system including ROOT access and EDXPOSED installer capabilities inside this Virtual Android app.
Running the application on almost any smartphone will allow users to run Rooted or EdXposed Required apps without having to root their phones.

TWOYI virtual machine has been released as a GitHub product around February 6, 2022. Twoyi (tiann) is the creator of this project.

No doubt He is indeed an experienced Android project developer who has previously released the well-known Taichi project as an exposed framework for Android. And also used the same app on the smartphone to connect the games OBB data into external storage without having to root a smartphone. Developer Weishu tiann really did an amazing job on this TWOYI development.

Key features of TowYi:

  • Root – You no longer need to use the most difficult methods to ROOT your device. Because TWOYI includes  root has built-in So  have take  any  risk by rooting your phone Android-based device.
  • EdExposed – TWOYI includes the EdExposed framework, which allows it to operate with all modules in the same way which the original EdExposed tool does.
  • Virtual System – TWOYI comes a separate virtual Android operating system that is not the same as the genuine OS. As a result, you don’t have to be afraid to use it. User could just remove the program if  have an issue with it.
  • Android 8.1 – with 64-bit operating system This is the most amazing VM I’ve ever seen. Because there is yet no Android 8.1 virtual Machine available other than this one.
  • Lightweight Os – It is, in fact, Android 8.1 64bit. However, it only virtual Machine a 210MB Android operating system. It’s a fantastic thing that this android virtual machine has. Aside from that, it runs well on Android without slowing down your smartphone or virtual machine.
  • Easy to install – All you have to do now is download the app on your smartphone then install it. Now just wait few minutes for the installation to finish.
  • Fix permissions- This is just another of TWOYI’s greatest features. Even though it will make it easier to install third-party games on TowYI. It will also assist players in playing their games without being banned or receiving warnings.

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For Upcoming Updates we May See android 10 and  other Most Demanded Features, Like: Google services, Plays tore, Magisk Manager, GG more. {Said TowYi developer}

Requirements for installing TwoYi App:

1. Android 8.1 , 9 Pie, 10 Q, android 11 and 12 version Phones.
2. 1GB RAM (2GB recommended)
3. 2GB internal Storage (4G Storage Space Recommended)

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